Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

Advanced Digital Thermometry technology enables Jitron Thermometers to measure body temperature of individuals instantly when compared with the traditional thermometers that take longer duration to get accurate reading. The user-friendliness and performance of Jitron Advanced Digital Thermometers are remarkable when compared with traditional thermometers that need to be kept in place under the tongue or armpit for longer durations to get measurements.

The innovative scientific design enables clinical measurement of human body temperature in people of all ages by measuring the infrared heat generated from skin area with an accuracy requirement as specified in the standard ASTM E 1965-98 of ± 0.2°C (± 0.4°F). Jitron Thermometer using this technology does not radiate any infrared rays while measuring the temperature.

Jitron Non Contact Forehead Thermometers leverage on advanced digital technology to measure temperature quickly and accurately without touching the body surface.

Non Contact Forehead Thermometer JTMI-603M

Jitron Ear & Forehead Thermometer JTMI-602M
  • Backlight

  • Fever Indication

  • Human Body
    Object / Night mode

  • Auto Power off

  • Large LCD display

  • 30 Sets Memory Recall

  • Low-battery Indicator

  • °C and °F Switch-able


Red LED indication when temperature is between 38°C and 43°C


Aim at 0.5 to 3 cm away and measure (1 second)

Non Contact Forehead Measurement

Aim at 0.5 to 3 cm away and measure (1 second)


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