Professional Stethoscope

Jitron offers a wide range of superior quality Professional Stethoscopes for the healthcare industry. The special feature of Jitron Professional Stethoscope is its Tunable Diaphragm. Tunable technology provides convenience, versatility and enhanced acoustics. Along with its high acoustic sensitivity, Jitron Professional Stethoscope features a nonchill rim and diaphragm, durable tubing, double-leaf binaural spring inside the tubing and solid chestpiece. The nonchill rim and diaphragm provide excellent patient comfort.

  • Tunable diaphragm

  • Nonchill rim and diaphragm

  • Low and high frequency acoustic sensitivity

  • Durable tubing

  • Double-leaf binaural spring inside the tubing

  • Solid chestpiece

Jitron Professional Stethoscope
  • Chestpiece : Dual head nonchill rim & diaphragm
    Diaphragm : Tunable diaphragm
    Binaural : Dual-leaf spring encased at 15° angle

  • Operating temperature range : 0° C ~ 40° C (32°F ~ 104° F)

  • Operating humidity : Less than 95% RH
    Storage humidity : Less than 95% RH

  • Storage temperature range : -10° C ~ 50° C (14°F ~ 122° F)

Adult Stainless Steel JT-S601PF

Adult Chrome Plated JT-601PF

Cardiology Stainless Steel JT-S747PF

Paediatric Stainless Steel JT-S606PF

Adult Stainless Steel JT-S601PF Single-lumen Black, Burgundy, Grey 76 cm 150 g
Adult Chrome Plated JT-601PF Single-lumen Black, Burgundy, Grey 76 cm 130 g
Cardiology Stainless Steel JT-S747PF Double-lumen Black, Burgundy, Grey 69 cm 215 g
Paediatric Stainless Steel JT-S606PF Single-lumen Black, Burgundy, Grey 76 cm 125 g

Standard Stethoscope

Jitron’s Standard Stethoscope is an economical version for general purpose, suitable for learning and home care. The chest piece is made from aluminium material with simplex binaural, single piece moulded tubing and metal retaining ring. It is Dual head with standard diaphragm. Innovative design and optimum acoustic performance are the specialty of Jitron’s Standard Stethoscope.

Adult Dual Head Stethoscope Aluminium Anodised JT-A605T

Jitron Standard Stethoscope
  • Innovative design

  • Optimum acoustic performance

  • Aluminium dual head chestpiece

  • Normal diaphragm

  • Single piece moulded tubing