OxyCHECK Fingertip Pulse Oximeter JPO-707A

The Jitron OxyCHECK Fingertip Pulse Oximeter JPO-707A is intended for measuring the functional oxygen saturation and pulse rate through the patient’s finger. It is applicable for spot-checking SpO² and pulse rate of adult and pediatric patients in homes and clinics.

The oxygen saturation of arterial blood in a normal human body is 98%. The normal values of oxygen saturation will not be lower than 94%. If the measured value of oxygen saturation is lower than 94%, it is considered insufficient. Pulse rate is the number of pulse beats per minute. Normally, the pulse rate is consistent with the heart rate. In general, the pulse rate is 60 to 90 beats per minute. The Perfusion Index (PI) usually reflects the limb perfusion status of an examined patient and shows the detection precision of the instrument as well; that is, examination can still be performed even in the low or weak perfusion condition. The PI of a normal human body is 3% or greater.