Facial Sauna JFSI-201A

Steam opens skin pores and induces natural perspiration to remove dirt, bacteria, air pollutants and makeup residue, leaving your skin luxuriously clean for a silky-smooth and supple appearance.

Jitron facial sauna is a versatile personal care product giving dual benefits for a facial at home or for a nasal treatment. It helps to steam open pores to rejuvenate your skin and to clear clogged nasal and sinus passages. The versatility comes from the dual sturdy and translucent container for dual usage, a wide facial steamer and a narrow nasal mask. For nasal treatment, the nasal mask helps direct the steam into the nose where it can be breathed in during allergy conditions and cold seasons.


  •   Deep Facial Cleansing

  •   Opens Facial Pores

  •   Loosens Impurities

  •   Clears Nasal Passages

Complete System Includes:

  • Facial Mask

  • Nasal Mask

  • Steam Valve

  • Measuring Cup



Facial Sauna