About Jitron Pte Ltd

Jitron Pte Ltd, Singapore (ISO13485 Certified Company), an innovator and manufacturer of biomedical and healthcare products, offers a wide range of products and solutions for biomedical and diagnostic systems. Jitron has the expertise and capability to design, develop and manufacture these products as well as to establish a global network for worldwide distribution.

Using state of the art healthcare and biomedical technologies and by adhering to world-class standards in areas from embedded systems development to applications development, Jitron provides solutions for the healthcare spectrum.

Supported by professionals having more than 30 years of experience in biomedical, information technology, product development, business planning and international marketing, Jitron ensures world class quality products and services under the brand name "Jitron"

Our Partnering Strategy

Having partnered with companies who, in themselves have unique strengths catering to their respective niche markets, Jitron is able to deliver high performance products and solutions to the fullest satisfaction of our clients. Commitment to our clients is our motto and we do this by addressing their unique needs. We believe in fast turn around deployments and our dedicated team, work hand in hand with the customers to ensure this.

As a firm believer in strategic alliances, our international partnerships with healthcare and biomedical companies enable us to provide products and services very competitively. Companies do acknowledge that not only do they have to be technologically advanced but also their presence in the digital arena is crucial to their success.

Our Marketing Strategy

Jitron uses the right mix of online portals and personnel deployment as channels to market its products and services in the international marketing arena. Efficient after sales service is one of our prime policies to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our overseas partners and offices function both as an operational as well as sales centers to help coordinating sales/marketing efforts in the respective countries.

Our strategic partnering alliance policy played a significant role in Jitron's global expansion plans and has resulted in establishing global representative network.

Our Quality Policy

Customer safety as prime motive, Jitron has developed and implemented procedures to assure necessary safety and regulatory standards requirements of biomedical products development, manufacture and distribution.

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